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The best fish and seafood in Andalusia

If you are a fish and seafood lover, Andalusia is your destination. Both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean border this land of world-acclaimed seafood. Andalusian gastronomy is very prestigious and its most representative specialties come from the water. If you have a selective palate and want to taste the marine delights of southern Spain in person, do not hesitate to visit the sites we recommend. The good table will leave you speechless. Here are some places where you can taste the best seafood in Andalusia.

1. Prawns from Huelva

White prawns from Huelva

The coast of this province is recognized worldwide for the quality of its seafood, its flagship product. You can enjoy them grilled or pil pil or in any salad. In the El Condado tavern, in the city center, there is a tradition of several years in the preparation of white prawns. Then it is possible to find this succulent in coastal sites of the province such as El Rompido, in restaurants such as La Parra or El Rincon de Pecadores, where you can also enjoy the great views that this place offers.

2. Mercado de Abastos de Barbate

atun de almadraba

If you want to taste the best tuna, go to Barbate. Trap tuna is one of the most delicious dishes in the region, healthy and rich in Omega 3, so beneficial for the body. In the Market of Abastos, it is possible to obtain good pieces to cook. If you don’t want to start cooking, you can take advantage of the organized routes for tasting this typical dish. Conil de la Frontera is one of the municipalities through which this route develops. We recommend the Restaurant de Fuerte Conil -Costa Luz, the Chiringuito El Huerto, and the Restaurant La Fontanilla.

3. Espetos in Malaga

Espetos of sardines

The beaches of Málaga are filled with boats conditioned to grill sardines on skewers on rods that take on the typical marine flavor of Costa del Sol cuisine thanks to cooking. If you’re traveling in the area, sit in a chiringuito with a cold beer and an espeto while admiring the sea. It’s usually eaten with a squeeze of lemon and is available at any beach restaurant. We recommend that you visit Marbella and taste the espetos of the BEACH Club Restaurante Grill in Fuerte Miramar in addition to the Restaurante Santiago or El Chiringuito in El Faro beach.

4. Eggs in Huelva

Huevas de Choco - Credito foto:

The quality of fish and seafood in Huelva has made its eggs famous among Spanish gastronomy. A real piece of the sea which, with a little mayonnaise, will delight any lover of sea food. They are also widely eaten in the region with oil, garlic and parsley. Restaurants like Acanthum and El Vaquero, in the capital itself, are specialists in cooking this product. Come and taste the eggs and remember that they are products similar to caviar, which is why deliciousness is guaranteed.

5. Cartuchos de pescaíto in Conil

Pescaito Frito Soleo Marbella

One of the most widespread culinary traditions on the Costa de la Luz, especially in Conil de la Frontera, are the cartridges of fried “pescaito” (fish). In a thick paper cone, your portion is prepared in the establishment and you can take it away and enjoy it while strolling around the city. You can also sit cool on a bench and reach nightfall to enjoy your cartridge admiring the sea. as well as in establishments both in Puerta de Cai and in Cadiz Street.

6. Fried anchovies in Málaga

fish and seafood from Andalusia - Fried anchovies in Málaga

Málaga’s fried anchovies are one of the characteristic dishes of the province. The Costa del Sol is famous for its “fried pescaito” but it is the anchovies that locals and tourists consume the most. In the restaurant El Tintero, in the Malaga region of El Palo, the waiters walk around with the dishes in hand, available for everyone. Anchovies are always the first to be eaten. We recommend you visit this place as well as the Pimpi Florida, in the same neighborhood, where you can also taste this specialty, but in a more festive atmosphere.

7. Shrimp Tortitas in Cadiz

Tortitas from Camarones

If you are going to the province of Cadiz this summer, don’t leave without knowing how to taste the tortitas (cakes) of prawns. This Cadiz specialty is unique and has its own personality. This small crustacean has an intense taste and gives the sensation of biting into a piece of sea. Despite its small size compared to prawns or langoustines, its presence is noticeable in any dish. This seafood is cooked a lot with wheat flour and chickpeas to form the famous tortitas. A dish that will please you for sure and will leave you with an exquisite memory. Visit El Cano, Arte Serrano or La Bodega restaurants to discover this product.

8. Punta Umbria Market

Longa de Punta Umbria

The Hall of Punta Umbría in Huelva, is an ideal meeting place to obtain the best fish and the best fresh seafood. Fishermen go out to sea and return with the goods for sale and consumption. If you are there on vacation, come and visit to experience the atmosphere and buy some of the best products. You can take advantage of your visit to get to know the city and swim in one of the beaches. In the local restaurants you can taste all these fish and seafood without having to be in the kitchen. A delight of Mediterranean cuisine.

9. Fried cuttlefish in El Rompido

Choco fritos

Province of fish and seafood, here is another of its specialties in El Rompido, fried cuttlefish. The interest of this place, in addition to being able to taste this recipe, is its natural site and unique environment to discover. This mollusk is so famous in the province that the locals usually call it “choquero”. This mollusc is soft in texture and you will love it. Do not hesitate to come and taste it at the Beach Club of the Hotel Fuerte El Rompido and, on the way, bathe in the crystal clear waters of its virgin beaches.

10. Fried Nettles from Cadiz

Ortiguillas fritas

Although not a fish or seafood per se, nettles are a piece of the sea that you cannot miss if you visit the province of Cádiz. This species of primary marine animal is widely consumed in the capital of Cadiz and in the surrounding localities. If you want to taste it, go to Casa Tino in Cádiz or La Fontanilla restaurant in Conil. An original dish that will surprise you.

11. Coquinas, from Isla Cristina


Las Coquinas frescas de Huelva are other delicious seafood that the sea offers us. Thanks to the texture of its flesh and its flavor, juicy and delicate, we could say that it is the most precious seafood. They are rich in good quality protein, thus providing most of the essential amino acids.

They can be prepared in different ways, with garlic, steamed, …. or, if you prefer, as a major ingredient in other dishes. In any case, it will delight all palates.

12. Pintarroja in Malaga

fish and seafood from Andalusia - Pintarroja

Perhaps not well known in other areas, but on the shores of the Mediterranean there are frequent catches of dogfish, which by the way is not a small shark. This “shark” is white meat and has a firm texture, suitable for marinades and stews.

Specifically in Málaga, many places serve dogfish broth, a comforting spicy soup served in a cup with a hint of lemon.

13. Tiger langoustine from Sanlúncar de Barrameda

Andalusian fish and seafood - Tiger langoustine

If we had to say the exact place to find the best tiger prawns, certainly we would say Sanlucar de Barrameda, Chipiona and Isla Cristina.

These shrimps are characterized by their spots on their shell and this is clearly why this species is called “tiger”. One of the most common techniques for cooking it is to cook it and then cover it with water, salt and ice to make it easier to peel.

14. Clams or mussels from Punta Umbria


To be honest, I have to say that you can also find them in other places in Huelva and Cadiz. The two species are very similar, chirlas tend to have a more oval shape than clams. Both are perfect for a balanced diet, as they are very low in fat and calories, with high levels of phosphorus.

15. Cañaillas de San Fernando

Cañaillas de San Fernando

The Cañailla is a type of sea snail that lives in the temperate water areas of the Mediterranean, one of the areas where there are the most of them is in the area of ​​San Fernando de Cadiz. For those who have not tasted it, we must tell them that it tastes of the sea, are an unfortunately unknown delicacy, but very characteristic for its texture, flavor and appearance.

They are also known as sea snails and are often compared to other varieties such as búsanos and winkles, although they each have their own characteristics.

They can be served with slices of lemon to sprinkle them with a few drops and ideally accompany them with a cold beer or a good Jerez.

The Conil de la Frontera Tuna Route

The sardine on the spit is a classic gastronomy of Málaga


Restaurant El Buche - Fuerte Conil Resort

Restaurant El Buche – Fuerte Conil Resort

If you want to taste this fish and seafood so popular in Andalusia, don’t miss the hotel chain Fuerte Hoteles. These accommodations have excellent service; leaders in terms of quality according to TripAdvosir and validated by more than 60 years of experience; the best option for your laps of rest. Marbella, Conil, Grazalema, El Rompido or Torrox are some of the enclaves where you can find these great fish and seafood outlets.

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