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Jalisco, the other seaside Mexico

Before Hollywood revealed them to the world fifty years ago, only fishermen, crocodiles and iguanas frequented the shores of the state of Jalisco. A popular resort for North Americans, Puerto Vallarta remains little known to the French. At a time when part of the country is healing its wounds, discovery of this “pearl of the Pacific”.

By strange coincidences, it happens that the human hand tortures nature while giving birth to a place imbued with a unique beauty. On the Mexican Pacific coast, in the Marieta archipelago, Playa escondida is one of those unusual places. Located on an islet, this “Hidden Beach” can only be spotted as the crow flies. A group of blue-footed boobies watches the only access, hidden under a discreet vault carved into the volcanic rock. To anyone who dares to disturb their peace of mind, these birds utter shrill cries to protect their paradise.

We enter feverishly breaststroke on this circular beach, regain the fiery sand and roll our eyes. We feel at the end of the world, at the heart of an unimaginable crater of which a missile would be the genitor. The topography of the archipelago was sculpted by military trials from the beginning of the 20th century. The cease-fire did not arrive until the 1960s, following the fervent intervention of Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

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